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Dave Burkart


I was so excited with Ray shooting the 3″ group I never asked him about the load. I believe he said the barrel was a Bartlein 5R. I don’t believe Ray is an especially fast shooter.

The bullet I been testng is a 105 VLD from Precision Ballistics in Nevada. The owner said he shoots an .008 jam but the .002 jump seemed to shoot better when I tested on Friday. I was using 33.0 Gn of H-4895 with a CCI 450. I have certainly been trying to shoot more quickly, I have been shooting more quickly. In fact in the shoot off I finished shooting and starting clearing the bench before I realized I had only fired 9 shots. I was able to restart before the match was called and put my last shot downrange. I was fortunate that the shot fell in with the rest of the group.