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Wynne Echols

This is an interesting topic and a lot can be learned here. Steve, I was thinking after the Mid Range Match that I probably was unfair to your shooting with my verbal rant when I could not get out of the nine ring. Our problems both happened about the same time. I am sure that shooters are expected to be respectful of other shooters and I was not. I apologize and will do better next match. A couple of observations: fatigue could be an issue although you look very comfortable shooting; what about a dirty barrel, lot of shooting by that time, should we clean?; conditions were somewhat worse, do we focus more? Looking back, I think that I had three bullets that acted out of character(did not go where I was aiming) and I wish that I had identified those pieces of brass(will next time)(still learning) Oh well, if we were perfect shooters no one would want to shoot against us(not happening) WWE ps: does anyone know where we might find a simple list of FClass rules and expectations?