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Tony Graham

Working 14 on and 14 off had me missing the remainder of the 2014 RB matches. But my relief has requested me to let him off for 8/30. So I’ll be taking off three weeks when I go in on 7/30. I am hoping to shoot the 16th. I am planning on bringing my 10 year old son. His Peewee football coach has showed interest in coming also. The Coach is tossing around the idea of the team playing a Jamboree in Jackson, MS on the 16th, but that had not been determined when I left for work. Hopefully they will not play the Jamboree and we will be able to shoot. I’ll know more when I get home. If I don’t get to make the 16th, hopefully I can make Steve’s Shoot when and if he has it. I look forward to shooting w/ you guys again.