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Wynne Echols

Al, I did use the new Seb Joy Pod during the match yesterday. The wider footprint of the rest is very stable and I personally like a joy stick. I also shoot my bench gun on a coaxial rest. I will also say that I think along with some other adjustments that I felt a lot more comfortable shooting from the prone position yesterday. I will admit that I put more effort into this match than I am accustomed to doing. I mounted my scope on higher rings and adjusted the stock to a shorter length so that I could lay at a little angle behind the rifle and still chamber the rounds with no trouble at all. Be advised that Dan Gunter also shot on a new wider bi-pod that he got from Steve Gilley and he was very pleased with the results. Several companies are making similar products, each to their on.
ps: for sale: some stock adjustment. Hope to see you soon. WWE