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Wynne Echols

Thomas, just went to the shed and checked the scoring sheet. It was actually shot #3. I had set a goal to shoot 580, same as my failure last prone match and was very pleased with my personal best 584. With that being said, the way it happened was disappointing.(progressively worse) From what little I know, I would say that the conditions all day were relatively calm, but they were less calm later in the day. Looking back at how it happened, I think that I would be a good candidate to be the first enrollee in Gunny’s ‘wind reading class’ when it happens. Seriously, looking back at the match yesterday, I think that I saw some improvement except for bullets 4 thru 8(all 9’s) in the third relay. I started the third relay X, 10, 10 and bullet #4 flew high left(9) and I think that I ‘chased the spotter’ and held low right and the bullet hit right there and for some unknown reason I stayed right for 5 straight 9’s. I have two months to work on it and really look forward to trying to climb that ladder to a new goal.