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Surrell, I’m with you, I shot my personal best F class match yet with my .223. I really enjoyed everyone’s input at the end of the shoot, with everyone sharing what they saw in the condition changes and where on the range they felt the conditions were most important. The willingness of everyone to share their thoughts on mirage and wind reading has the potential to help us all. I also think I might have a slight opinion that what works for one guy, may not work the same for the next. But, the willingness of all to share their information will help us all become better shooters. That is my goal, to become as good as I can be. Not to beat you or the next guy, but to beat my last attempt and if I beat you in the process, well that’s just icing on the cake. Somebody has to win at every shoot and when it’s you, that’s just a confidence booster in my opinion and it just fuels the fire to continue. It was a wonderful day with some wonderful guys. Thanks to all who came and shared their thoughts.