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Ron Lewis

For me a winner is a shooter that has a technical understand of the basic principles needed to shoot well but is not so absorbed in winning the match that he forgets to enjoy the sport that he has selected as his hobby. Shooting for me is the most relaxing enjoyable thing I do to break the day to day grind of working. Nothing excites me more than helping a younger or newer shooter achieve a shooting goal that they never achieved. My vision has fallen off so much over the years that I’ll probable never shoot as good of scores or groups as I did back in the late 90’s but my enjoyment of the sport has continued to grow. I just got some new glasses this morning and I have to tell you these new Hoya lenses have peaked my interest. I just checked them out through a Nightforce scope and I can honestly say that the crosshair was pretty crisp. I might even be able to focus the parallax out of my scope. Think I’m going to run over to the range and shoot a quick group at 600 yds.