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Yep Wynne, “not much” is correct. Clarification: above in the 2nd post I didn’t mean that the wind is “usually” .5 to 2.5 minutes or in your case 1 – 5 mph. I was trying to say (albeit poorly) that the wind is usually somewhere between current conditional extremes. A bunch of things are indicators. Are the flags wet/damp? Wind direction. If you shoot any 6mm and you are successfully competing, you will learn to ID a condition and wait on it, especially when the wind speed variance is beyond the ability to bracket, The faster the wind is blowing the more small changes in the flag angle matter. Still I would rather have a high, relatively consistent wind and have to watch for minor changes in the wind speed/direction than a low to medium wind blowing up my behind but making slight changes in direction right to left (fishtail wind). At the Palo Alto (La) Regional this year on the first day it was flags up and down from 12 mph to dead stop. Roughly 30 degree variance in direction on day 1. It drove me crazy – dropped 6 points. The second day was about 12 mph all day long quartering from behind over my right shoulder. The flags were occasionally dropping enough to suck the bullet back to the right but I was lucky and happened to be looking when it happened. There were two match cleans that day in a 12 mph wind, Mark Olivier and myself. My wife, Andy, dropped one for 599 37x. (I’m sort of proud of her LOL). She likes the same kind of wind I do – I guess because I trained her. Here’s what you do if you’re just starting. Look, look, look. Never put a shot down unless you know what the flags are doing. Don’t let your shooting rhythm pull your eyes off the flags. If you do you’ll be shooting along, hammering Xs and suddenly hear your scorer say “9” or worse. LOL. After you’ve been doing this awhile it becomes less computational and much more intuitive. It takes putting rounds downrange – experience. You won’t get better sitting around thinking about it. Ya gotta shoot.