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Bracketing, in my parlance, means happy medium – happy being a 10 or better.
It is best accomplished in F-Class in a .5 – 2.5 minute wind.
Basically I never dial, I hold off.
To bracket I start prior to the match. Sometimes people think I’m rude but in truth, I’ve already started the match 30 minutes prior to “commence fire”. I am watching the flags for the extremes. Highest to lowest. If I estimate the lowest is .5 minutes and the wind is right to left, then given my ballistics I would hold at position 2-right (Ride side of the 10 ring). If I am at the highest wind or in this case 2 minutes, I would hold 4-right (Right edge of the 8 ring).
Actually mine varies a little from that, you have to know your gun. Bracketing happens when the wind is betwixt and between (it usually is) .5 and 2.5 minutes but you aren’t sure exactly where. If you hold and fire at the target somewhere in between 2-right and 4-right, and you hit somewhere in the 10 ring then you have successfully bracketed. Bracketing works better for guys shooting iron sights because their target is bigger. No one has ever been able to explain to my satisfaction how you can bracket a 1 moa 10 ring in a wind gusting from .5 to 3 minutes. That’s why I stopped at 2.5 minutes in my description. All this is predicated on my assumption that you want to hit the 10 ring in the middle (x). If you hold dead center in the .5 you should hit the left side of the 10 which is 10 points in any case.