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Dave Burkart


Thanks so much for the congrats. I t is all because of you and Britt; Britt built a fabulous gun at your behest. I receive compliments on the rifle all the time. When I tell folks that it is built on a Savage action they are amazed. I have been working on trying to get my scores to be better and it seems as though I was successful this past weekend, although the groups weren’t great. I had a first shot flyer in each group, I will need to work on that. The load I used was 30.8 gr. of Varget in a Lapua case with a CCI 450 primer pushing a Berger Hybrid 105 jumped .037.

July 12 and 13 are the World open at the Original PA 1000 Club and I certainly hope I shoot well at that. I will miss not seeing you there this year Wynne.

I will keep you updated on my trials and tribulations finding a load for my Dasher.