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Sit Rep OK Al, I never was any good at making any kind of a report but I will give it a go.

While this thing is way to complicated to even try and explain it here, today was actually a good day with some good news. Last week I was at the Hospital in Huntsville having test run almost non stop for the whole week. This week I had the last test run on Monday and finally got to come home. I have been poked prodded had ever kind of crap rubbed on me you can imagine. The Doc called to day with the result and all of those test came out negative with the exception of one of them that found something no one was even looking for. As you can guess this didn’t have a hell of a lot to due with the broken arm. It did have to do with something that was found in one of the x-rays. This lead to 7 days of testing and more than a week away from home.

I have one more appointment tomorrow but it is close by and with our family Doctor as she wants to go over the results with me and my wife in person. The Doc I talked to today was the guy doing all of the testing and one of the best in his field I the country and he assured me that there is nothing wrong and as I said all of the test were negative, with the one exception I spoke too. And that one won’t kill me they say.

I still very much want to do this clinic but there’s no way in hell I’m doing it next weekend. I want some time away from them damn doctors just so I get to feeling better. So, I will reschedule this probably for next month a week after the shoot. That is contingent on it fitting into Mr. Echols plans.

Al, Thanks for asking. I’ll be happy to explain this situation to anybody that’s interested but it would be best done face to face. Thanks guys.

ps..Okay Al, don’t know whether that meets your criteria of a sit-rep but it does contain both the words situation and report. That’s going to be the best I can do.

Mr. Echols, and one of his sticky posts, said that this forum had to be about guns and shooting so to completely comply with the rules “BANG”.