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Wynne Echols

Thomas, I am proud for you and am sure that you will enjoy shooting at your new range. You will have several decisions to make as far as the set up. Much of it will depend on whether or not you want things to be permanent or portable. One thing that I have noticed lately at Reese Bottom is that these new ‘tube guns’ need a longer bench top than what we have.(min. of 42″) The concrete tables are very stable, but the Steve Gilley bench works very well and I have heard you say that you enjoy shooting from it. The top on it is 48″. As for the target backers, once you decide what you want, I will be glad to offer my 2 cents. Not sure that you have ever noticed the PVC target backer behind shooting shed but it works well and is very versatile. A concrete block will anchor it down. Good Luck with your decisions. WWE