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Ron Lewis

Temperature greatly affects your reloads. I shoot a midrange load in most of my rifles that is tuned to the middle of the node using a ladder test method of load selection. Therefore for me, when the temperature changes I’m still pretty close to my reasonance barrel frequency.

I know guys that load to the maximum pressure that their rifle will stand without blowing primers. If you work that load up on a day that it’s 40 to 60 degrees and head for the range on the 4th of July when the temps are pushing 100 degrees, might as well take a rubber hammer and a cleaning rod with you because you going to need them to get the case out of the chamber. Needless to say, this is mighty rough on your brass and could be dangerous in some rifles.

After 30 years of shooting hundreds of rifles and thousands of rounds, I have almost always had better results shooting a stiff load about 10% below maximum. If you are popping primers you will usually have vertical displacement of your shots.