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Mike Reekie

I believe it was 1952 when my cousin, Billy Bennett, about 21 years old, came by the house in his Army Jeep and showed us its power and abilities to run over small trees, make tight turns, go through mud, etc… He was proud to represent our country. He went to Korea and was killed within the first two weeks. That was the only time I saw my Uncle George cry. I was only 11 then and I figured the same thing would probably happen to me. I just hoped I could face it bravely like Billy did. I was never drafted and never served. If something like Pearl Harbor (I was christened on that very day) had happened in my eligible years then I would have volunteered like my Dad did. I pray daily for our troops and believe we should honor them in every way we can, including medical and psychological help, etc…. God bless them all!