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I try to do all my loading the same way every single time so I don’t leave out a powder charge or make some other mistake.All my brass is prep the same way also I find it better to have a seating die for each rifle I own that way I don’t have to re-adjust when seating bullets 6 or 8 different times all dies are marked per rifle.some are neck sized and some are FL sized this is done on what each rifle shoots the best and yes I have several sets of dies.All dies are marked like I said and the powder brand and charge is marked Inside the box with the seating die I try not to remember any loads that way I don’t get any mixed up.My target loads are my hunting loads and I do hunt with my heavy guns a much as I can I hunt from the ground the old school way but I am always up hill on all my targets.So I have my way and you have yours find out what works best for you and stick with it but always look for ways to do better.