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Well I think I will have my new 308 shooting by the next F-Class match it is a Remington Action with a Broughton Barrel that looks like a cattle gate post.It should be a shooter if I do my part,but I still I got to get my bench gun up and running I still have no scope or rest for target shooting I have way to much going on to get anything done I think I’m just way to lazy.Mr Wynne I think a 308 would do what you are looking for, with the right action and barrel with the right twist in a good stock and with a good scope put together by Britt Jones will put you in the winners circle right behind me.We all know in order to be a champion we have to start at the bottom and work our way up.On the bullet selection I am looking at the 185 Berger hybrid with a BC of 569 with some range time to get it tuned with my rifle,it should be a true winner out of my 1 in 10 or my 1 in 11 twist barrel hopefully it will shoot in both rifles until then let keep shooting bug holes at 600.