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Wynne, I would for sure pick a different bullet unless you just have your heart set on Sierra’s, The 168 grn Berger Hybrid is one hell of a fine bullet and has a decent BC at .512. I would go for sure with a Custom Action right now there are a few for sale with an absolutely great buy on a Farley Black Widow unfired and never mounted in a rifle at $1,225, available NOW. This is an extremely rare find. Barrels man you know your way around there, Barlein and Kreiger both are fine barrels and they are also only two or three days away, if you order online.

All of that is the easy stuff for an F/TR rig. The two most difficult things about a build like this are The Smith who builds it, and the Bi-Pod. As to the Smith we are so lucky to have what I consider one of the best BenchRest quality Smiths in our own back yard and that is course of Britt Jones, so that part is easy as well. The Bi-Pod now there is were you really get to play. There are a few out standing Pods out there now, the Dupline is a very good pod but just a wee bit heavy and may end up taking some weight from the barrel to make weight. There also is a great Bi Pod that is seeing a lot of success, it al;so is a little heavy at 3lbs,4oz’s but gepending on the build it is one to consider it is the Rempel and built in Canada. Sinclair’s Gen III is another choice as is the Evo from Third Eye Tactical. do a little searching and you will see quite an improvement in F/TR dedicated Bi-Pods. Choosing a superior one is going to be key to your tracking and scoring.