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Tony Graham

Wynne, I think that it might be your Bi-pod and rear bag. I would recommend the Sinclair type bi-pod and a square of carpet w/ a regular rear bag. I noticed the guys using that type set up did not have a problem returning to battery. I know I had a hell of a time shooting from a Harris Bi-pod during the April match from bench and I’ve shot that way a lot, years ago. You did some fine shooting during the first set for sure. One other thing you were lined up straight behind the butt of the rifle. I find it more comfortable to be slightly offset. Although I don’t think I was as comfortable as Bo, he was offset w/ his legs crossed. I think he could have laid there all day.
Set up is not my problem. Mine tracks fine. It is doping the wind. I can read it and tell you it’s blowing, but cannot give a correction for holding off!