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Well said Surrell…..Winning should always be the secondary motive in this sport. Don’t get me wrong, winning is always a confidence builder, but the fact that everyone is willing to share their thoughts and ideas to help others get better is what makes this great. Wynne posted an article about “starting somewhere” and that is true. the reality is that if you want to try something different, or get some new ideas outside of what you are currently doing, all you have to do is ask at Reese Bottom. Nobody there will make you feel dumb. Lord knows I’ve asked a lot of questions, and I have only gotten positive feedback from anyone I asked. I have had to step up to the line when my son was shooting and ran out of adjustment on his rest and help get get leveled back out. Never have I heard anyone bad mouth me for this behavior and for That I am thankful. He will very soon be self sufficient and no longer need any assistance. I too, thank Wynne for providing us with such a wonderful place to shoot and fellowship at. I look forward to seeing everyone next month.