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Wynne, Reticle choice is a personal thing I think. I have seen a lot of different reticles at “SOME” match’s, while others seem to prefer one basic reticle for that game. For Benchrest the common reticle I see in service is a Fine Cross Hair, this makes a lot of sense as it, benchrest, is a precision game with little room for error. F-Class does not have the shooters fill out an equipment list like registered Benchrest does but in my observation there are a lot of different reticles in use there.

Last year I purchased the new Nightforce Competition 15x55x52 scope. This brand new scope from Nighforce came with a very limited reticle choice, and all of the reticles had a dot, and Nightforce said it was the smallest anywhere at .125. I used that scope for one match and sold it as fast as I could. That small .125 dot obscured all of the X-Ring on the F-Class target. Many times I will hold within the X-Ring for my windage corrections as an example if I see a very slight change I may hold at 3:00 on the line of the X-Ring for a center hit. With a dot that obscures the X-ring that is no longer possible.

I much prefer a Cross Hair the finer the better.