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Tony, You can lose the Mr. F Class thing…

Converting sighters Hummmmm. Tony since you sent me a Private Message asking me to comment I will. There is no ” NRA International Fullbore Prone Rifle Rules” as far as I have ever heard of. There are the NRA Highpower Rules, but the NRA has nothing at all to do with International Shooting that is done under a different sanctioning body altogether. The rule covering Sighters and Converting them comes from NRA Highpower Prone or Sling shooting. The rule was put there as a test of Marksmanship and a shooter knowing were his Cold Bore Shot and his Second Shot were actually going to go. It was orginally intended for matchs that allowed only 2 sighter shots. It later became a matter that was up to the match director of any match to use or not to use no matter the number of sighters allowed. When used in a match that allows more than two sighters it is something of a silly thing really.

Lets use the Reese Bottoms shoot as an example. Wynne and Britt have chosen the number of sighter for the first relay at seven (7) that is not a law, you don’t have to take 7 sighters, you just can’t take more than 7, as a matter of fact any shooter at there choosing can take no sighters of that is what the want to do. You also can declare that you are going for score at anytime in that sighter shot window of 7. The way it works in Highpower Rules is after you shoot both of your 1st two sighters you can say you will convert #1 to record, if you take #1 you must then also take #2 you do not have an option. If you decide to take only #2 as a record shot that simply means that all of the rest of your shots are for record and you have just shot your first record shot, and your last sighter shot.

In any match even those with unlimited sighters you can go for score at any time. You must declare you are doing that “BEFORE” the shot though.

So in your post were you say ” If seven sighters are taken and the shooter wants to convert, he can have number 7 or 6 & 7.”

That statement is not correct. You can start your record string on #6 if you want to, but you must first declare you are going for score before you fire the shot. The only two you get to fire and then decide is #1 and #2.