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Al, Your problem is probably your Bench Technique. Most times this can be fixed just by getting a little coaching when someone is observing you shooting and knows when to do what. Your rifle probably is just fine as is your rest and bag, notice that word “PROBABLY”. If the rifle is not tracking WHEN YOU HAVE AHOLD OF IT in most case’s it is the shooter steering the rifle that is the problem. Easy thing to check too. Set your rifle up as you normally do in the rest and in the bag. Be sure to tighten up the front tension on the forarm so that the rifle doesn’t fly off of the rest under recoil. Then fire a round under “Free Recoil” that is no input from the shooter at all just touch the trigger. You should be completely out of the rifle, even setting beside it is good. If the rifle under these conditions tracks straight back on the bag and in the rest you will know that it is the shooter and not the set-up.

I will be glad to give you a hand with this at the next match if that would be of any help.