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Ron Lewis

My shooting library is divided into sections on shooting, gunsmithing, reloading, ballistics, history, rifles and miscellaneous topics. I’ve gone through the shooting section and put together a list of some useful books, many are out of print but can be found through others are available through the usual shooting suppliers like or or some you’ll really have to dig for.

Highpower Shooting Primer (Precision Shooting), good all around book, lots of varied articles on the topic.
Benchrest Shooting Primer (Precision Shooting) excellent reference on many accuracy topics, reloading, rifles, etc.
Precision Shooting at 1000 Yards (Precision Shooting), another collection of articles from the magazine and well worthwhile.
Highpower Rifle (David Tubb) All the basics of Highpower from Tubb, good book.
The Rifle Shooter (David Tubb) not as good as the first, but still useful.
Position Rifle Shooting (Pullum and Hanenkrat) the book I’d pull out of a fire.
The New Position Rifle Shooting (Pullum and Hanenkrat) not a rehash of the first book, a totally new book and very good also. Easier to find these days than the first book.
Shooting for Gold (Bill Krilling) The book from the long-time USAMU International Rifle Coach. I wish it were more in-depth, but it’s a good beginner/intermediate guide.
With Winning in Mind (Lanny Bassham) Best introduction to the mental side of shooting that I know of. He’ll get you started, the rest is up to you.
Free Rifle Guide (USAMU) out of print AMU manual, nice to have, not essential.
Service Rifle Guide (USAMU) out of print AMU manual, nice to have, not essential.
International Rifle Guide (CMP/AMU) In print, cheap from CMP, must have.
Service Rifle Guide (CMP/AMU) In print, cheap from CMP, nice to have, not essential.
Target Rifle Shooting (Reynolds and Fulton) English book, useful if you find a copy, don’t move mountains for it.
Ways of the Rifle (various authors) overrated but very useful for a coach. When you are your own coach it’s useful too. Expensive, wouldn’t be high on my list of books to begin with but eventually worthwhile.

I have several books that purport to be about wind reading from various authors. Mostly they are excellent cures for insomnia. I consider myself an above average wind-reader at 1000 yards and I have yet to find a written description that I consider useful. There’s more than one way to skin the wind cat, of course, but I can’t recommend those that I’ve seen in print.

I’ve avoided the real old and obscure books as well as the ones that cover the same ground or are rifle specific like a lot of the AR15 books out there. I’m not sure everyone grasped this, but the links I put in the previous post allow you to download those entire books for free. I hope this is useful to you, for me it’s a lifelong passion and the books are a great part of it.