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A lady by the name of Nancy Thompkins has written the best book on wind reading with the clearest explanations I’ve heard. I met Nancy at the Berger Southwest Nationals in Phoenix this year. I learned then that she is married to a gentleman by the name of Mid Thompkins, who I also met.
Mid is the wind coach for the United STates F-CLass Team. I recommend that you get a copy of Nancy’s book and drink it in. There is also an experiencial component to wind reading. One day in 2010 I lay down to shoot the first string of the day and I just knew. I looked at the wind flags and murmured to myself, “Ok I know what that means.” I shot my first clean string that day. The next month I made High Master. But lemme tell ya guys. The fun is just in getting there. But whether the wind is 0 or blowing the flags straight up, it’s always accuracy before speed. Always. Always.