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Tony Graham

“Convertible Sighters” are not an issue for me. I was just needing to know how many rounds to load for the match. I was also trying to get a little clarification on the sighters.

According to the NRA International Fullbore Prone Rifle Rules January 2013, paragraph 9.2 “Convertible Sighters – At the competitor’s option, he or she may elect to keep either the second sighter or the first and second sighter shots as record shots. If the competitor elects to take the first sighter, he or she must take the second sighter as a record shot. The competitor must make his or her intention clear to the scorer immediately after the sighters are fired and before any further record shots are fired. Coaching will not be allowed.”

I’ve shot F-Class where it was/was not allowed. But there again F-Class is not my game. If convertibles are not allowed and Wynne says they are not, then done deal. I just wanted Wynne to be aware of the rule. If this new chamber on my rifle does not shoot any better than it is now, it will not matter wither I take any sighters or not. About like Wynne’s 6mmBR.

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