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I have a different philosophy than you do, I also agree with some of what you are saying. When it comes to “MY” reloading Technique I will not and don’t keep secrets. The things I have learned over the 48 years I have been reloading I share gladly with anyone willing to ask a question, but that’s just me. Winning is just not that important to have to guard what I know.

I also like to win, but it is “NOT” the reason I drive 4 1/2 hours one way to the Bottoms. When I do win a match and I have won many, I want to beat the field when they are having there best day, not there worst, shooting the best ammo that it is possible to have, not having to just get along because they have not found that right technique “YET”. I want it to be as even steven as it can be. That is a win, any other way is a hollow victory ” IN MY OPINION” it is after all the only one I am qualified to speak to.

I also have won at 1,000 yds. The very first match I attended and the first time I had ever competed at a 1,000 yds I finished second to Danny Biggs he is a national Champion. Danny shot a 597 and went clean in two relays missing those three points in the last relay when the conditions had changed quite a bit. I shot a 595 and went clean on the last relay that was an extremely good day. The second match I shot at 1,000 yds I once again finished second to Danny Biggs again he shot a 599 and I shot a 598 so I was closing in. In the third match I won that match with a 598-39x and it was a very windy day with changing conditions for every relay, Danny Biggs was not at that shoot for me the win didn’t mean a lot in and of itself. The fact that I had gone clean in one relay and only dropped 1 point in each of the other two relays in that howling wind, when the 2 nd place shooter scored a 582, was the success to me. That fake wood trophy didn’t mean a thing. on that day I was into my testing of annealing and not annealing, the brass I shot on that winning day was not annealed. And until I read your post I didn’t even realize I was being “LAZY” by not annealing.

I do agree with you on the fact that a lot of reloading is mental, if you think it works that just could be the difference in wither or not it does. Doesn’t mean that the technique works, it may or may not, but you thinking it works is a different thing for many shooters. Myself I test and test a lot, and have learned long ago to trust what I see on paper. If I believe one thing to be true and the paper “PROOF” says different I will always go with the paper results. But that’s just me…