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Tony Graham

I don’t think much of it matters! I think it is 75% mental. There are things that I do, that I’ll not discuss that to me make all the difference in the world. When I sit down at the bench and did not do everything in my arsenal, it will show up on the target. I’ve won the big show at 1K, my wife has placed high at the nats and my nine year old has won a monthly 1K match. It is not an issue with my wife and son. They just shoot! They don’t spend hours on end thinking about the load prep. I don’t shoot well every day, that’s just me. But when I do, I am hard to beat (Reese Bottom’s 500 target is my nemesis).
My point is that if you think it matters, you better do it! When I started shooting 1,000 yard BR I annealed after every firing. I did and won. Got lazy and lost! I still lose pretty regular at Reese’s Bottom, but if I ever figure that range out, look out!