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Wynne Echols

I shoot for the same reasons that I played golf. I try to beat myself. I have no problem with you out shooting me, I just want to make sure that you have to shoot well to come out on top. One of my fondest memories of a recent match was the month that Britt beat my agg by such a small margin that we agreed to go back and re measure. He won anyway, but we are talking only a few 000’s. I never had to hunt out of necessity, but did enjoy hunting. In my teen years and early 20’s we dog hunted with shotguns and what I remember most was the comradery and friendships created before and after each deer drive. Later, when rifle hunting became popular, I enjoyed much success harvesting deer, but climbing a tree by myself eventually turned me off to deer hunting. Fast forward 25 years and one day I was visiting a gunsmith when a fellow walked in with an impressive 500 yard target and I instantly thought, now maybe I could do that. Bought a Savage boxed rifle, soon saw potential in a creek bottom, and less than 4 years later, sitting here telling it all to the world. I shoot for fun!!!