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This is good stuff Roland. I remember hunting with my Grandfather at an early age. He was carrying the gun, a .22 rifle which he had loaded with .22 shorts. As we walked down a road on his land, he spotted a squirrel that I never saw until it fell from the tree. He shot the squirrel in the ear with open sight. This was not a fluke, he was that good. I asked why he shots shorts instead of long rifle. He said that the long rifles made too much noise and would scare the rest of the squirrels. I remember that day, some 35 years ago like it was yesterday. I always wanted to be as good as him, but never really had any instruction. Kinda self taught I guess. Then when my son came along, he really got into hunting and turned out to be what I call an exceptional shooter. Then one day, Wynne was getting ready for a shooting trip he was going on, and had some new cases that he wanted to fire and reload. He knew how much Ad liked to shoot and asked him if he would like to come out and shoot his 6mmbr for him. Of course Ad was super excited to do so. Wynne shot the first few shots and gave Ad some pointers on how to shoot. Ad’s shots were very impressive to me. Ad never really had an interest in team sports but he went on and on about shooting Wynne’s rifle. I knew then what I was going to buy him for Christmas. With me always have a love for guns, I saw this as an opportunity to spend valuable time with my son doing something we both would love.
The group at Reese Bottom has been very helpful in getting us up and going with this style of shooting. I am like you Roland, I am pretty much competing with myself to improve. Ad, being a kid, just wants to win. I think by the way he is shooting in just 3 competitions, he will be there sooner than I will.
So, to answer the question of WHY DO WE SHOOT? it’s just for the pure love of it and it is something he and I will hopefully do for many many years to come, even after he is grown.