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Al Barr

Gunny, I started shooting in San Augustine County, Texas as a youngster. I was given a Stevens “Favorite” .22LR, single shot rifle by my Grandmother (it was hers as a young woman).

I was given a single .22 cartridge in the morning and expected to bring back a squirrel or rabbit for the pot; at which time I was given another cartridge.

I was quite the hunter, until I served my second tour in RVN as a Marine Officer. After that, I had had enough shit, blood and bone on my hands, that I no longer had a taste for hunting; but I still have the love of shooting.

Of course, like most Marines, I take almost all the fun out of my shooting by setting almost unobtainable standards for myself.

But, as we said in San Augustine County, I don’t know back from sicem, so I just keep plugging ahead.