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Wynne, You need to get one of these. bob Pastor gave me his Omega when he retired from shooting and dedicated his time to building Rests. He also gave me his personal beam scale accurized by Scott Parker. I also sent to Scott a Old Ohaus Scale I had for years to have him work his magic on. These two scales now will measure to the Kernal or to one piece of powder. I use a Rcbs Charge Master Supreme to throw the initial charge a 1/2 grn light and use the Omega to finish the weighing of the charge. The electronic scales like RCBS and even Gen Pro even though it is in a different league completely than RCBS, throw to within a tolerance, usually + or – 1/10 th of a grain that makes for a range of 2/10 ths of a grain. The difference in loading as an example 42.3 grains of a powder and 42.5 to me is just to big of a difference.